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Assembly References Files That Aren't In The Assembly Upon Opening?

Question asked by Peter Keillor on May 18, 2018

Hey All!


So, I've got a fairly large assembly that I'm currently working on. I had this assembly and another reference assembly (the 'original') on two separate monitors, in order to compare a few of the mates in my assembly with the original and make sure that they were all right. However, it seems that some files from the original have almost 'seeped' into my assembly - every time I load my assembly, I get rebuild errors from the original assembly, it tells me that parts from the original assembly that aren't in mine are missing, and then the program just crashes every time I try loading as 'resolved'. I can load the file as a large assembly, however the links still pop up every time I go to save - I get a prompt to save a few files from the original assembly, which I don't want to overwrite or edit in any way.


Has anyone encountered this before, and if so, how I can I get rid of these seemingly invisible links? The parts are nowhere to be found in my assembly, yet they seem to be linked in some way.