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    Mesh Error

    Dimitra Giannopoulou

      Hi all,


      I am trying to do a static analysis in an offshore jacket foundation. The problem is that when I am trying to mesh it the mesh of most of the parts fails. Could you tell me why? I am new in SolidWorks. Thank you very much in advance! I am attaching the file.

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          Dimitra Giannopoulou

          Hi again,


          I tried several ways to find the problem with meshing the part, but I couldn't solve it. However, when I tried to mesh only the jacket without the transition piece, it worked and solved the problem. Is it possible to have done something completely wrong with the assembly? Thank you in advance

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            Ryan Dark

            Hi Dimitra,

            There are a couple things that can make meshing this model easier.  First and foremost edit the definition of the Global Contact Bonded and set the option for "Incompatible Mesh".  This will cause the mesher to mesh each body individually then place them together once they each mesh.  This serves to make meshing easier as the mesher is now not trying to align the nodes of touching faces between bodies which tends to require the use of mesh controls to dial it in and allow meshing.  This should get you some meshing bodies.

            After that you may want to set the mesh type to Curvature or Blended Curvature and iterate your way through this process (GoEngineer - Simulation: Mesh Controlling Failing Bodies) to then apply mesh controls to specific failing bodies so you don't need to keep reducing the global mesh and make slow solving study.  Having done all these things, it took ~10 minutes to make a complete (but coarse) mesh to being from: