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Pipe Routing frustrations

Question asked by Kyle Taylor on May 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by Christian Abraham

Can I rant for a second? I'm seriously at my wits end with SW's routing abilities. It simply just does whatever it wants, and absolutely hates anything it thinks is out of the ordinary but is actually common practice. My first big issue is why is sam hell can't we go fitting to fitting without tricking it? 90% of the pipe spools we build will have a weld neck flange welded to a 90 elbow. Only way to do that is make your next pipe section a construction line then make that line .001-ish long. And heaven forbid you do that multiple times in one run or it doesn't put ANY pipe along the route unless it ends with a flange. Even then you have to change those construction lines back to lines and have a .001 long piece of pipe that likes to re-add itself if you delete it and change the sketch at all. Then there's this lovely little thing i attached... break in the pipe sketch? Oh lets just change the diameter of that pipe for no conceivable reason... so much to be fixed here. They should get on a pipe routing program and learn some things to improve it