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auto name parts of diff sizes

Question asked by David Wilke on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Deepak Gupta

is there anyway in solidworks  to compare the dim of a object and to give it a certain part# if it meets those dimension


so in short let say you have to make alot of pipes of diff length and each length pipe has have to  a diff part #

lets call length of pipe A=

if A=5" it get part# 12345

if A=6" it gets part# 12346


this is a simple example of course

but i was wondering if there something like this? that can automatically got into a part grab my labeled "a" dim and compare it to some kind of database

and that when i'm detailing a part it would automatically put the correct part number into a text field?

right now we create a part... detail the part and then compare that part to a  table and then manually type the part number in

if the created part is not in the table we just make a new part# this leads to parts with the same dim getting diff part number

as we don't have a east way of searching already created parts to compare

although off the top my head if we created a database with all the reasonable configurations of a part it would probably be under 2000 parts


i'm sure there nothing like this already but could something like this be done?