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    auto name parts of diff sizes

    David Wilke

      is there anyway in solidworks  to compare the dim of a object and to give it a certain part# if it meets those dimension


      so in short let say you have to make alot of pipes of diff length and each length pipe has have to  a diff part #

      lets call length of pipe A=

      if A=5" it get part# 12345

      if A=6" it gets part# 12346


      this is a simple example of course

      but i was wondering if there something like this? that can automatically got into a part grab my labeled "a" dim and compare it to some kind of database

      and that when i'm detailing a part it would automatically put the correct part number into a text field?

      right now we create a part... detail the part and then compare that part to a  table and then manually type the part number in

      if the created part is not in the table we just make a new part# this leads to parts with the same dim getting diff part number

      as we don't have a east way of searching already created parts to compare

      although off the top my head if we created a database with all the reasonable configurations of a part it would probably be under 2000 parts


      i'm sure there nothing like this already but could something like this be done?

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          Deepak Gupta

          You can actually use DriveWorksXpress (a free design automation add-in inside SOLIDWORKS). With DWX, you can set up a master part and place it in known location. And when you need a different length part, just pull the DWX project to create the file with required number for you. In case the file already exists, it won't create a new file.


          If that doesn't help then other option would be to get an add-in made which would automatically create the part number based on your requirements and would also check and compare with existing numbers.