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How to avoid wrong dimensioning in SolidWorks drawing?

Question asked by Jeffrey Shao on May 17, 2018
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I was preparing for on-site fine-tuning instructions to our service engineer who is right now at customer's plant in another state waiting for the drawing. Before I sent out the drawing, I felt the dimensions are weird; so I double checked it and found out this unique problem in SolidWorks: same feature with 2 totally different dimensions. The gray dimensions were generated by Smart Dimension in SolidWorks, the dark dimensions were generated by sketching two lines from the feature then dimensioning the two sketched lines. The dark dimensions are correct.


How to avoid the wrong gray dimensions generated by SolidWorks before this critical on-site instructioning drawing is sent to out service people? We can't always know which dimensions generated by SolidWorks are wrong.




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