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Surface bodies disappear  in drawing view

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Kevin Andrews

I have an older "part" file that is comprised of a bunch of surface bodies. I created a new configuration because I needed to add a couple of things for a prototype model to send out to a vendor. So, I created a sweeping wire handle and a half-coupling. These were NOT created as surfaces.


Then, I told it to create a drawing from model...


The drawing file originally opens in the default configuration mode. So, I go ahead and set up my two views before switching it over to the new configuration. Everything looks fine until I make the configuration, the only thing I see are the two new pieces I just created - the rest of the solid bodies are not displayed.


I can move around in the view window and see that they are there because they will highlight but they will not show. So, I go to the design tree and suppress the two new pieces and everything shows up again.


I go back to the model and recreate the two new parts as surface models - thinking this may have some weird connection behind it. Now, nothing shows matter what I suppress or what configuration I am in.


Any ideas as to what is going on?