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Renaming Vault Documents

Question asked by David Demaria on Feb 19, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2009 by John Matrishon
Have been having no end of nightmares lately while renaming documents in our companies vault. I will try list the steps below in order that we are currently working...

1) Check in assembly with all child documents (no probs here)
2) Clear any files residing in " Local Folder"
3) Rename all files successively from top down (including dwgs)
4) Checkout Parent assembly for edit. It's here that I notice that the FMT displays child documents using the old file name as unresolved. Open part dialogue box pops up to prompt for a "replacement" file.
5) Have to manually go through a look for the files individually based upon their old name. I often use document history to find out what was renamed to what.
6) Finally resolve all parts and force rebuilt assembly to update the files to the new file names in the FMT.

Am I the only one have such huge dramas with this stuff. It's taking me forever to rename our database for this very reason. Maybe I am not carrying out the renaming operation in the correct manner. I honestly have no idea.

I recent patched PDMW Client & Server to 2009 SP2.1 but no difference noted. The server is re-started (and re-validated at least once a day to rule out errors there). Currently only 2 users (inc self) have access to the vault and only I have access to thes particular projects.

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.