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Batch convert entire assembly of "Tiled Parts" with shared face plane to sheet metal (for BOM measurements)

Question asked by Rob Bozzo on May 17, 2018

Hello SW Forum,


I have an imported STEP assembly of roughly 900+ parts. They are tiles which have grout spacing between, and we will be waterjet cutting them from stone.


The assembly has all the parts in place, and they are in the same plane, same thickness.


I have found that converting a single part to sheet metal gives me a BOM cut list with Length, Width, area, blank area and cutting inner / outer linear inches. This is exactly all the data I need, but I can't go through each part and convert to sheet metal it will take me days.


Is there a way from the assembly mode to have it convert each part, sharing the same plane, to a sheet metal, and then I can pull those cut list measurements into a BOM?


EDIT: To Clarify - My current steps are to click each component in the assembly tree > Edit Part (within assembly, not open part in place) > convert front face to sheet metal > OK > repeat with next component.


Thank you in advance.



Rob B.


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