Dell M90 FX2500 and 2009 sp2.1

Discussion created by 1-AF5LOB on Feb 19, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2009 by Christopher Thompson

Is anyone else having 7~8 crashes daily using 2009 sp2.1? Most of my crashes relate to in-context modelling of sheet metal parts. I'm not working in large assemblies (less than 250) and nothing is very complicated extruded cuts and edge flanges mainly.

I've only had one repeatable crash which I sent an RX for off to my VAR who in turn sent it to Solidworks, who said they could repeat the crash in sp2 and they tried it in sp3 and it didn't show so that will be the fix. (I'll believe it when I see it)

I've done all the normal VAR bug fixing stuff i.e. my graphics driver is correct, reinstalled the driver following a driver uninstall, tried it in software open gl mode, I'm running with out AV turned on.

Is anyone running a different graphics driver to that recommended and having a stable experience?

Is there anything else I could try? Is it worth dropping a new hard drive in and fresh install of windows?

I'm fed up of worrying it's all going to fall apart with the next command.

I know its a few years old but I'm guess there are loads of M90's out there running 2009?

(As a side note my M90 wouldn't turn on about four months ago and Dell ended up replacing the processor, motherboard, graphics card and RAM to fix the problem all under warranty.)