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Revision description field as a custom property?

Question asked by Dale Herzog on May 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Christian Chu

Hi All,


I've noticed that the Rev table data fields don't provide access to the "Link to Property" function when selected, and I was wondering if anyone knows a trick for getting that information (Rev Description, Date, Approved) to show up as a Custom Property? (Specifically, one that's still generated by the Revision Table function but owned by the part, rather than the drawing.)


Just for reference here, the ultimate goal would be to compare versions of a product's model catalog and see all the revisions that have been completed.  Even if they were read-only from the model side, the idea would be to have properties like "RevB_Desc", "RevB_Date", and "RevB_Approved" show up as rows (records) in a custom BOM along with the regular "Revision" and "Part Number" fields.


Naturally, there are details about getting only custom properties generated for the correct number of revisions in each drawing, so I'm wondering if this is leading to something we could submit as an ER or if there is simply a better practice someone can recommend for me to be tracking all this information?


Many thanks,