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    Density Incorrect after area in feature tree

    Matt Cato

      Has anyone seen this before? With a material selected, the density is correct in this model until you get to a certain area in the tree. It doesn't seem to be a specific feature that causes the problem, but a specific spot in the tree, because I can rearrange the features and it still occurs. I can delete and redo a few features to make it correct, but we have a couple parts like this.

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          Jim Sculley

          Your material is changing for the solid bodies based on the configuration (As Welded vs. As Machined).  It looks like a material was applied at the body level after 1/2 Clearance Hole7:


          It's not there before 1/2 Clearance Hole7:

          In the As Welded configuration, the overall material changes to A572 Gr 50:


          and no material is applied to the individual bodies:

          Strange behavior.  But, the fact that there are  'As Welded' and 'As Machined' configurations indicates that this used to be a weldment, but the Weldment feature has been deleted.  Add the Weldment feature back in and then delete the body specific material.  After that you can delete the Weldment feature (and probably the As Welded config) and the model will then behave correctly.