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Draftsight Proffesional 2017 SP3 splash screen then Draftsight Professional closes

Question asked by John Klosowski on May 16, 2018

Draftsight "Professional" 2017 SP3 has suddenly stopped working.

It's on a Dell WIN10 machine, the Draftsight splash screen appears and then the program closes.

There are some discussions on this but none fix the problem.

I have uninstalled, re installed, rebooted, tried a few fixes from other forums, installed Draftsight 2018, which worked, re-installed 2017 SP3 hoping that the 2108 version cleared out any bug but then 2017 still doesnt work.

We have a whole bunch of scripts written for 2017 SP3 so the suggestion of using 2018 instead isnt valid.

2107 SP3 shpuld be able to be repaired and should be able to be re-installed Dasault tech guys.

Is there a fix for this ASAP please?