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Help needed in photoview 360 multi-layered camera path

Question asked by Mahmoud Abdelaziz on May 16, 2018

Hello Guys

I have a bit of a complicated problem

I want to render a 360 degrees view of a product, but not only on one plane but I need to render in 52 vertical planes (from 60 degrees above the center of the product to 45 degrees below the center of the product) and take a still shot each 2 degrees horizontally, which means I need 180 shots per plane X 52 planes which is almost 10,000 still shots.

What I did is create a spherical path around the product and made the camera revolve around the subject in 360 degrees each 4 seconds, then I set the frame rate to 45 frames per second, and I created a motion study for a 4 second animation (which is gonna take 45 X 4 frames = 180 frames each 360 degrees)

The problem is I had to manually add 4 points on each plane for the camera to revolve around them (each 90 degrees) because the camera doesn't seem to understand transitional path unless it is less than 180 degrees, otherwise it revolves in the shortest path possible, which is backwards

So the conclusion is I have to manually add 4 X 52 = 208 points along the camera path to get my required results, and every time I need a modification like increase the focal length I have to make it 208 times !!!!

My question is, is there any other way to get the required results without this much work? because I have several other product to do the same thing for !!

Thank you guys, I'm attaching a photo of the camera path which I created in order to explain what I'm talking about


Also there's another question, for rendering 10,000 frames in photoview 360 in medium resolution I needed more than 14 hours, is there a way to send this animation to a network rendering machine? is there any machine that hosts solidworks photoview 360 rendering online with a reasonable price?