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    Save drawing into multiple PDFs and DWGs in different folders.

    Bart Kolkman

      Hello everyone,

      This is my first post here and i hope you can help me with writing a macro.


      Here's what I need help with:


      I usually set up my drawing sheets like this:


      Sales / Production 1 / Production 2 (optional) / Laser (optional)


      Where I use the first sheet to show the product with some dimensions and a few details

      The Production sheets as detailed sheets

      And the Laser sheet as flat pattern without bendlines etc.


      I want to automate that i can export the first sheet (Sales) to PDF to a specific folder, (Let's say C:/folder/sales)

      and the next sheets exported to 1 PDF and  1 DWG to another specific folder. (Let's say C:/folder/production)


      The file name should be the same as the drawing name as i work with article numbers


      Any suggestions from this great community?


      Thanks in advance!