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Can't check in the file with unique file name - "The filename has been used before"

Question asked by Mart Müllerbeck on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2020 by Christian Chu



We have problem with ePDM(ver. 17.5 (B89)). We are using SW 2017 SP5. It seems that one worker can not check in one assembly file. ePDM gives error:"  The filename, which needs to be unique in the file vault, has been used before".


1.Database search returns empty.

2. Firstly I checked that deleted files would not hold a place for this name. Deleted items tab in the property tab of the whole database does't have a file with such name to destory.

3. Then I found this forum thread that suggested to give a permission to the user to delete files. (Odd error on file move within the Vault.). When I checked permissions then I found that user doesn't have this permission personally but the group she is in has this permission.



It seems that I can't solve this problem. How should I proceed?

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