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    Drawings / Configurations Best Workflow?

    Richard Ahlgrim

      Howdy folks,


      I’m looking for any advice, thoughts, experiences that anyone is willing to share on a project I have coming up.


      I’m creating series of parts. The geometry stays the same and dimensions change based on nominal size and pressure rating (think ANSI weld neck flanges).  For creating the parts and assemblies I plan to use single part files with configurations based on a design table.  Eventually I’ll create a PDF file of the machine drawing for each individual part. I’m trying to decide the best method for creating and maintaining the machine drawings.

      Do I:

      1. Have a single machine drawing setup to use the various configurations?
      2. Use a master drawing and “save as” to create a drawing for each configuration?

              2a.  If I create individual drawings is it possible to “lock” a drawing to a single configuration?

        3.  Consider some other options?


      Any thoughts or links to similar discussions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,

      Richard in Houston


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          Rubén Rodolfo Balderrama

          I did it for pressure vessels





          02286-1-69-07-AS-01A Separador Vahos III Dint.png

          02286-1-29-01-AS-001 Cuerpo Evaporador I - copia-1.png

          Do you have any example of your projet?

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            Tateos Tvapanyan

            Just a thought, why not to use DriveWorks Xpress and generate part when you need it?

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              Steven Mills

              A configured part/assembly with a single drawing sounds good. I've seen a lot of drawings where the variable dims are simply given a letter designation and then a card with the actual values is printed out for each job.


              If you do 2a and lock drawings to a particular configuration, remember that those 'lock' at the level of what is used in the drawing. Consider making a pack and go and 'locking' an entire folder at the end of your project, and keeping every thing in the folder as 'read only' on your network so nobody makes changes accidentally.

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                Dan Pihlaja

                Richard Ahlgrim wrote:



                2a. If I create individual drawings is it possible to “lock” a drawing to a single configuration?


                Yes, you can select which configuration each view is set to.


                In your set up drawing, create your views and set them all as "link to parent" (except the one driver view).  Then run your save as, and you can just switch the config of the main front view and it switches all other views.

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                  Glenn Schroeder

                  It will depend to a certain extent on your needs.  I'm working on a project now that has 6 installation variations, and will have all six shown in a single Drawing.  I created six configurations of the model, inserted a drawing view, along with one projected view, one section view, and two detail views.  When I had that just the way I wanted I copied and pasted the sheet, changed the parent's referenced configuration, which also updated all the other views, and repeated until finished.  If you can have all in one document I don't see any reason why that wouldn't work.


                  However, I suspect you need separate Drawings for each configuration.  If that's the case then after getting the first drawing finished you could "save as" the Drawing, and change the referenced configuration.  By using this method you'd have a single model with however many drawings there are variations.


                  You asked about "locking" a Drawing to a single configuration.  If by that you mean you want to remove the ability to change the configuration that a drawing view is referencing then I'd suggest doing a Pack and Go of the first Drawing, creating a new Part and Drawing with new names.  Repeat as many times as needed, change the references as needed, and then delete the unused configurations from each instance of the Part.  By using this method you'd have a separate Part file for each Drawing, and since each Part would only have only one configuration it couldn't be changed in the Drawing.

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                      Richard Ahlgrim

                      Thanks Glenn, I think the "save as" method might work best for this particular project and be the best / closest fit to the way we typically do things.


                      Locking the drawing to a single configuration would be nice but not a real requirement. We are small enough I don't too much concern about others mucking about with finished drawings.


                      Now that it's been mentioned the Pack and Go method would work great for creating non-standard one-off versions of the part.

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                      Tom Gagnon

                      I haven't made a series of drawings as you describe, so these are opinions and not tested advice.


                      (3.) You can also create one drawing, with a single sheet for each configuration. Fully create the 1st sheet, dimensioning to common geometry which changes per config, and then copy the whole sheet and choose a different config in subsequent sheets. The dimensions ought to update to the new geometry once you change its configuration.


                      Be sure to use config specific properties to drive callouts, titleblock info, and whatever changes on the drawing between configurations.


                      It's up to you whether you reference sheet numbers, as a multi-sheet drawing representing a single part may be sheet 42 of 123 instead of 1 of 1. To me, I'd think one multi sheet drawing would be simpler to manage than 1 drawing file per component (created with Save_As..), but what's easier for you probably depends on how you'll be releasing the drawings.


                      I am unclear if you'd be taking it further in this direction, but:

                      Another commonality you can create for more interchangeability between similar but different models is reference entities. If you have a second part similar to the first, you can create PrimeAxis, EndPlane, FacePlane, or DiamTangentPlane (or w/e works for you) and then only dimension to and between those objects in the drawing. Then, you can Replace Model to change the part in the drawing, and it should automatically provide references between the same entities still attached. Some extra attention in the part creation can make repetitive drawings easier through common references (aside, the same can also apply with parts in assemblies with Replace Component).

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                        Richard Ahlgrim

                        I love this forum!

                        Thanks for all the replies. This place really is a wealth of knowledge with a lot of cool folks willing to help whenever asked.


                        Thanks again.