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Drawings / Configurations Best Workflow?

Question asked by Richard Ahlgrim on May 16, 2018
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Howdy folks,


I’m looking for any advice, thoughts, experiences that anyone is willing to share on a project I have coming up.


I’m creating series of parts. The geometry stays the same and dimensions change based on nominal size and pressure rating (think ANSI weld neck flanges).  For creating the parts and assemblies I plan to use single part files with configurations based on a design table.  Eventually I’ll create a PDF file of the machine drawing for each individual part. I’m trying to decide the best method for creating and maintaining the machine drawings.

Do I:

  1. Have a single machine drawing setup to use the various configurations?
  2. Use a master drawing and “save as” to create a drawing for each configuration?

        2a.  If I create individual drawings is it possible to “lock” a drawing to a single configuration?

  3.  Consider some other options?


Any thoughts or links to similar discussions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

Richard in Houston