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EPDM Convert Files to pdf, individual sheets, and name sheets

Question asked by Sean Flanagan on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Craig Schultz

This my first post. I am an EPDM admin. We currently have our ECN/Spec workflow set up so that when a CAD drawing is issued, it is converted to a pdf and saved to a specific folder location depending on certain variables and parameters. The pdf is then issued and people are notified etc..


This is all well and good but the issue is that our drawings have multiple sheets, one for each part number and we would like to be able to have separate drawings for each part number.. Each part is separate configuration of the same part (Think pipes in different sizes/lengths), so it is not practical to have the CAD drawings be one part per drawing since we use design tables etc.


I am aware there is a setting in EPDM task to print one pdf output file per sheet, and I tried that and it worked, BUT What I am really looking for is a way to automatically name each sheet by its part number, rather than the document number. The part number is a Solidworks property that lives also in the data card. Is there an add-in or a code to name files based on part configuration properties? We are running 2017 SP2, but will be upgrading to 2018 shortly.


Hopefully you will understand my question as it is difficult to explain.