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Is it possible to run goal optimization without re-meshing between scenarios?

Question asked by David McCullough on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by David McCullough

I am performing a flow simulation study and would like to run a goal optimization study to determine the location for a component to experience minimum torque. I have the goal optimization set up to what i believe is correct, but the issue is each scenario re-meshes the problem from scratch.


Is there any way to use the mesh generated during the first scenario to solve the remaining scenarios?


The part has some intricate details that require several mesh refinements and a very fine mesh. The cell count is on the order of 5 million. I believe using the same mesh from the first scenario could do two things: 1) it would make the results more comparable and less mesh dependent. 2) Significantly reduce the solve time due to unnecessary re-meshing.


I have tried using the "take previous results" option, but checking this box causes the software to crash for some reason.


Thanks for any suggestions!