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Sweep Length Calculator

Question asked by Marcos Farina on May 16, 2018
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Dear Ladies & Gents,


Here I'm pleased to share my super-macro .


I've came across several times, (and not only me, as far as I've seen,) with the need of calculating the total length of 1 or several sweep features, where the path is made of multiple segments, sometimes not easy to select one by one.


So this macro calculates the total length of all the sweep features within a part, distinguishing between construction and non construction segments.



It could be a wire, tube, pipe, cable, etc....


Once calculated, it returns through a MsgBox:


LEngth Output.JPG


But also added as a Custom Property "Length" to the current configuration, that can be pulled from a BOM.


Length Property.JPG




08-08-2018: macro updated including Composite Curves and any kind of sweept, solid or surfaces.




Enjoy it!!


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