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How to model texture on football?

Question asked by Anthony Huczek on May 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Paul Salvador

Hello everyone,


I'm having trouble with a model I'm working on. I've seen similar questions online so I think I know what I'm getting into but I figured I'd ask the pros here  before continuing. My client wants me to model the bumps or texture that are on a toy football like what you'd see on a nerf ball or squish toy. I've tried a few ways but my machine just can't handle due to the number of parts/operations involved. I let him know that typically isn't 3d modeled for this reason but we're still trying to see if this is possible for say plastic injection.


So far the best luck I've had is splitting the part into 4 sections so that it's less to work on and using the fill pattern tool. I then extruded my pattern and used surface cuts and fillets to get close to what I want. The pattern isn't good though, distorts towards the edges, and it's simply taking forever. Any ideas or suggestions on how best to accomplish this? I've attached a couple of ref pics to show what I'm after.


The people at these toy companies must have monster PCs is all I can assume. My mid range workstation just can't handle it...