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Sketch not showing in drawing because it is broken view

Question asked by Milos Stancic on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 17, 2018 by Milos Stancic

Hi everyone,


I have kind of a double question.


I am using Solidworks 2018  SP2.


I have created a model that has a lot of hex holes. So when I want to put a center mark for those holes, I've heard an advice to show sketch in drawing view and select the hex circle from sketch. So first question, is there an easier way to put center marks in drawings for hex holes.


And second question, the model I've created is a very long steel bar, so I had to use broken view function to fit it to drawing, and when I use broken view, when I try to show sketch in the view it doesn't show. (I think it's because of the broken view, maybe).


So what is the easiest way to make center marks for hex holes in drawing ?


thank you.