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Sliding a part trough a cylindrical face

Question asked by Lag A. on May 15, 2018
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Hello guys,


I'm having trouble figuring out a mate that allows movement like show in the next image. The idea is that the central post of the umbrella pushes down into the “valley” formed by the cuts in the four sides.  When it engages them, their tops move apart, but their bottoms are constrained by the lower cap. In effect, they tilt outwards from one another.




I though i could crate a tangent mate between the bottom cylindrical face of one 4 part and the cylindrical face of the base, but Solidworks doesn't allow that mate. I also tried creating a path for the bottom face to move about, but can't get it to work the way i need it. Any ideas i can try?


P.S. Attached the file so you guys can check it out, i'm working on Solidworks 2017.