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    Peter Cohen

      Hello, I am building a workstation for SW. Is there a noticeable improvement in performance if I use NVMe rather than SATA III SSD?

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          Rubén Rodolfo Balderrama

          Here some references

          Resultado de imagen para raid vs ssd vs sata3

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            Ryan Navarro

            I've noticed a pretty big difference upgrading to quality NVMe drives. That being said it's going from "Fast" to "Really fast" so the difference may not be noticeable for everyone. But boot times, load times, file copy times etc are all down. It's awesome to copy a big directory and not even see the progress indicator pop up before it finishes.


            I wouldn't want anything besides a good m2 NVMe SSD in a new system


            They are particularly faster at tiny read/writes that occur a lot of times with the Operating System


            They are expensive though so a good setup in my opinion is a sufficiently large NVMe drive for your OS + Software and a secondary SATA III SSD for other storage needs.


            I'd encourage you to look at reviews/benchmarks for the particular SSDs you are considering. There are "good" and "bad" SSDs for each form factor.

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              Husein Delic

              U will notice on large data transfer speed improvement, but for daily work with SW nothing will change as you don't need 3gb read/write per second. Better spend on other equipment.