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Unable to open template file in SolidWorks 2017

Question asked by Tommy Kowalczyk on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by Tommy Kowalczyk

Some of my co-workers are not able to open up a common template that we have stored in the PDM vault.  I am able to open these templates in my SW2017, SP0.0.  One of these co-workers has SW2017, SP1.0 and is not able to open this template.  We had upgraded SW to 2018 but due to technical issues, we reverted back to 2017.


When this co-worker tries to open the template, he gets an error message.  The error message repeatedly reads:  "Cannot open C:\......  Future version."


Has anyone ever seen/experienced this before.  It is becoming a pain trying to save any new drawings with the proper template/formatting.