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Fan simulation problem - "Mass Flow is out of Fan curve's range"

Question asked by Jon Dahlgren on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by Jon Dahlgren

So I was going to include a few fans in a flow simulation and the warning written in the title appeared. I tried to troubleshoot by only simulating a free fan in an empty domain, which still gave me the same warning. Now I need some help with how to resolve this.


Below is the fan curve I've inserted into SW where I've marked the working point in the simulation with a red dot.


My entered fan curve at zero pressure is 0.0211389 m3/s.

My working point in the simulation ends up at ~0.0211399 m3/s with a pressure difference of ~17 Pa (measured as the average value of the fans surfaces).


Here is an example of the flow field with a mesh of ~1.3mio autorefined cells:


Im using an internal axial fan with the dimensions and properties provided by the manufacturer in an external flow simulation.


Any ideas of what can be wrong?