Matt Couchot

Solid bodies disappear from sim's feature tree

Discussion created by Matt Couchot on Feb 18, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2009 by Peter Biggert
I'm beginnning to run into a recurring problem while running SW09SP02 Simulation: I open an existing assembly with its existing FEA studies. But the existing study feature trees no longer show any solid bodies in the 'Parts' feature tree.

I've tried the obvious- supressing-unsupressing, resolved-lightweight-resolved, refresh, refresh, refresh... but nothing puts solid bodies back onto those empty 'parts' trees.

I tried to get this problem to repeat, and naturally its appears to work just fine now... except that for my existing studies that already popped, I can't find a way to re-associate any parts.

Any thoughts? (another note- I've only been using COSMOS for about a month...)