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Renaming Configurations and Design Tables

Question asked by Jason Warnke on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Danny Edwards

I have created a custom fastener library for my company.   Each part file contains multiple configs (for fastener lengths), driven by a design table.


I have noticed with design tables that if you change the configuration name in the table it will add it to the configuration tree and remove the option to select whatever it was previously named (unless that was the active configuration, in which case it keeps a copy in the config tree).  On the other hand, if you do not activate the table and just rename the configuration in the design tree, it does not update the design table.


Is there a way to tie the two together?  So instead of 'deleting' a config by changing it in the design table, SW sees it as renaming an existing config?


The reason I want to do this:


I want my config names to reflect a part numbering system we have here, so I want to be able to add that part number into the config name by actually renaming the config; we will be able to start using the fasteners immediately in the company and bit by bit, we can build up our company number list - renaming the related configs without breaking the link in any related assembly models (if I were to just replace them via the design table it would force users to go back into related assemblies to relink related fasteners once they've been 'renamed', or replaced rather).  I can change the config name in the design tree, and it will update/populate the auto-bom to reflect the config name I change it to, but the moment I go to edit the design table and close it out, it adds a copy of that config (without the added number).  It is driven by the table; but I want the table and I guess I am wanting the config name and table name to be tied both ways; I don't want a 'one way street' of sorts where the table completely drives the config name.


Anyone have any idea on how to do this?  (is there even a way <: ]??)