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Projected View Explode

Question asked by Bryan Obermeyer on May 15, 2018

This is more confirmation then a question....


I have an assembly with 50+ configurations. I create an exploded view for 1 configuration.

I then create a drawing (front(parent), right, top, exploded iso views) with a BOM.

I save the drawing and do a Save As to create a new, similar drawing.

I then change configurations to the BOM and the parent view.

To my surprise, the exploded iso view explodes without me having created an exploded view in the assembly.

This would be a huge time saver if this works consistently this way.

Previously I would create an assembly exploded view and dragged a copy to each configuration.


Is this something that I have been missing or is this what other people have found and do?


’18 sp1.0