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Uneditable duplicate of editable title block note

Question asked by Liam Elliott on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by Bjorn Hulman

Hi,  I'm relatively new to Solidworks and trying to put togther some drawing templates and borders etc, I'm most of the way there, but there is one issue I can't seem to solve.  Our company title block has the drawing No in top left and bottom right corners, I want to put a title block note in the bottom right that can be edited from the normal drawing view/edit screen, with a duplicate note in the sheet template on the top left which can't be directly edited but automatically updates to the one in the bottom right.  I want to link or slave it to the editable one bottom right, but i can't see a way of doing that other than tying it to a custom property, but then as far as i know, you can only have 1 drawing No per drawing file without multiple property entries ?  Perhaps someone could offer some experienced wisdom on this ?