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C# WinForm - open file with eDrawings API, convert to PDF, and then display in app?

Question asked by Tisha Pedersen on May 14, 2018

I'm working on a WinForm application that currently is using an eDrawing ActiveX control - and that's working well - however, it does not display in black in white, nor does it have the option to convert to black and white. And, the employees using this app want it to be black and white - so, I'm wondering if I can have the C# code open the .dwg file (with eDrawings or something) and then convert it to a PDF behind the scenes, before displaying it in some sort of PDF viewer? If so, does anyone have any pointers on how I could do this?


Or, if there is any possible way that eDrawings can display in black and white - that would be the best solution! Any help would be greatly appreciated!