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    Copy Entities Behaviour

    Ryan Beck
      Since recently updating to '09 I have found some unexpected change to the Copy entities feature in drawings...

      We use "manual" revision blocks and I normally select the text and lines of a previous revision, then right click, Copy Entities, using existing sketch points as the From/To parameters... It all works normally until I realize that the "To" point didn't "snap" and I end up with a bunch of stuf that is not properly aligned...

      The lowest line has a tag extended and the other end is short because instead of snapping to the point, it went somewhere else - even though the mouse icon indicates otherwise.

      I have tried with the snap filter on and off - no change. Is there something else that I am missing?
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          Eddie Cyganik

          Well if there is a point that can be snapped to and it is the incorrect one, well then you'll get the wrong one most of the time (Murphy's Law).

          Optionally, can you select the end of the horizontal lines above and below P01? It is the same relative distance.

          Or you could just type in the Negative "Y" Delta Distance as this is a known value.
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            Mark Kaiser
            I can use the from/to option and it works. I'm not sure if there's a setting you're missing or not. Do you have 'enable snapping' turned on in your options>relations/snaps? It's not automatically snapping to a grid is it?

            An alternative would be to use the X/Y option in copy entities and just type in the Y-value distance to copy.

            Might want to update your signature to 09 if that's what you're using.
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                Ryan Beck
                I think the screen shot of the options shows that every is as it would be expected - I don't use the grid snaps unless the grid is toggled - too hard on my brain.

                I have used the X-Y method frequently, and I am sure that would work fine. Just one of those little habitual things that is hard to break.

                I have a call in to our VAR, so maybe I will find out that I need to repair or reinstall - ugh.
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                    Ryan Beck
                    I repaired my installation - no apparent change in behaviour.

                    This also seems to be happening on another machine here as well.

                    Starting to think bug.
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                        Mike Laskowski
                        We are having the exact same problem as Ryan. Copy Entities using From/To does not work when trying to add lines to the revision block.
                        Perhaps the sheet formats need to be "updated" and saved as 2009 version?
                        Any other ideas?

                        UPDATE: Well, our problem is not the exact same problem Ryan is having. I cannot use Copy Entities at all when editing my sheet format. Everything falls apart when I click on the "to" point and I don't get any entities copied at all.

                        SW 2009SP2.1
                        WinXP pro 32
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                            Eddie Cyganik
                            Sorry we do not use the old 2D line method anymore. Back in SW98 & 99 we did use the construction line method but it got old real quick!

                            From SW2001 through 2004, we used an Excel table.

                            We now use the SW Revision Table and manually fill in as required.
                            So, ...Why not use this functionality or at least use a SW General Table?

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                              Ryan Beck
                              I didn't get an ID Number, but there is now a fix on the way for this.

                              I guess a table would be fine, but this is as quick as anything when it works.

                              For now, we are using the distance settings instead of the From/To parameters.