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Can anybody please find this guy and let him know that he is 100 wrong? 

Question asked by Ben Rosow on May 14, 2018
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How to Convert EASM to SLDASM |

Edrawings cannot be saved to any SolidWorks format.     


Under the heading ..

How to Convert EASM to SLDASM...

He says:

"An eDrawings file (labeled with the .easm extension) is primarily utilized by the eDrawings program, which is itself a sub-program of the SolidWorks design suite. The SolidWorks design suite makes use of many file types, including ".sldasm" files. Since the eDrawings program is part of the SolidWorks suite, you can easily convert an eDrawings file to a SolidWorks file by using the eDrawings' main menu."



Select "File" in the menu bar of your eDrawings program.


Select "Save As." Select the "SolidWorks File (.sldasm)" option in the text bar next to "Save as Type."


Select "Save" in the "Save As" menu to save the newly converted file to your computer."