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    Filenames in PDM Standard

    Adam Brailove

      How do people here typically manage filenames?

      Does one let the engineer choose a descriptive filename, or should it be identical to the part number or document number?

      Are there any settings which enforce file naming in PDM Standard?


      thanks for your input


        • Re: Filenames in PDM Standard
          Michael Dekoning

          We chose (in Pro) to use the part number as the file name. It really depends on your company and how you expect users to find their files. If you expect users to mainly search for files then either will work. If users are going to navigate in the same manner they do today in File Explorer then I think file name = part number is better. Also, if users are going to work off-line then they won't be able to search while disconnected from the server.

          There is really no way to control the naming standard unless you use a transition condition to block a state change. Of course this would be next to impossible to implement using a descriptive filename.