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2018 Mates and Configurations?

Question asked by Jim Moses on May 11, 2018

Hi all,


I have been using Solidworks since 2003 and never remembering anything like this,


I have a fully mated Top Level Assembly let say with 1 part 1 sub-assembly (Part A config)

The Sub-Assembly has 2 configurations 1 with Part A the other with Part B both are completely separate files.


I then decide to add a configuration to the Top Level Assembly with a different configuration of and decide to use the Sub-Assembly with Part B, so the why is it I cannot move the Sub-Assembly, via Move with triad or drag, until I suppress the grayed out mates that were attached to Part A, was it me or didn't grayed out mean Suppressed?, these mates are clearly grayed and Part A is no longer visible in the Top Level Assembly yet cannot move until I suppress mates that already grayed out?


We just recently moved from 2016 sp05 to 2018sp02 and both me and my coworker have found this very annoying issue.