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Keyboard Shortcuts and s-key flyout for third party add-ins

Question asked by Taus Moller on May 11, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Taus Moller

We would like to provide some shortcuts for our third party add-in. However, i am having a hard to time figuring out how to do this. For now i would just like to be able to add some keyboard shortcuts for the stuff we have in the command manager and context menus. At the very least we would like the user to be able to assign their own shortcuts through the Solidworks customization dialog.


If i go to Tool->customize I see our add-in represented in the "Toolbars" tab and the "Commands" tab, allowing the user to add a toolbar and customize where to show our buttons. However, in the "Keyboard" and "Shortcut Bars" tab where a user would be able to set keyboard shortcuts or add it to their s-key flyout it is nowhere to be found.


Do we need to register our methods additional places to make them available for keybinding and s-key flyout?



Jason and Amen got me most of the way with this. I added a post with some additionally information on how to setup default shortcuts