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what do you do with an assembly when it is done?

Discussion created by David Matula on May 11, 2018
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We have all been there I am sure.  Work on a project for 6 months or more building this assembly of parts that one day will be manufactured and hit the production floor to be built to make the lives of people across the world better one way or another. 

I usually take the assemblies that I have worked on they get saved on the server with all the other files that we make.  Last week I got hit with a question about one of them assemblies and had to open the model up...ohhh crap....it was done in sw 2014 and now we are upgraded to 2017.  I get the red tree of death....the rework of multiple sub assemblies and the top level to get all the errors fixed.  Thank the cad procedures that no one modified a 4 in nipple into a 80ft length of pipe as I have seen that happen before.

What is your procedure when the project is over to keep the files from getting corrupted?


do you use the pack and go? as server space is cheap and keep a copy of every part?

do you save the file to some other format that will take a snap shot in time of what the assembly was when you finished it?


Has any one had to open a file that was last saved with something older that SolidWorks 2005 or older?

what kind of results did you get? 



What I am really looking for is a way to be able to take an assembly save it as something so that no matter what someone does to the parts that that assembly is not going to change.  If it sits on the server to 8 years I want to be able to open it with no problems so I can show the shop the original design and maybe be able to go threw all the modifications that we have done to it over the years.