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Problems with symbol insert/autotrim?

Question asked by Benjamin Zuses on May 10, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by Benjamin Zuses

Hello again!


So I have advanced enough at this point to be making my own symbols. In this case we have a motor contactor with add-on overload protection I am creating a symbol for.  I have done this two ways. The first was from scratch creating a new symbol, copying in the drawing we usually use for it, adding circuits and then connection points. Then I had the problem I am having. So decided maybe I am missing something from the way the inbuilt symbols do things, so this time I made a copy of the 3 pole NO contacts symbol and modified it by adding the lines I needed and just moved the connection points that were already there and touched nothing else. Same problem again.


So what problem you ask?

symbol insert error.jpg


K2 is the default 3 NO symbol dropped on a multi wire, it inserts it, connects it to the wires and auto-trims, easy, simple, correct. K2 is what keeps happening with my symbols. They don't connect, they don't trim, they don't work.  I was able to get a partial connection once, it connected the left side of the symbol and then just removed the rest of the wires to the right, and I can't even tell you why that different failure occurred. This also doesn't seem to be the only place I am having this problem. I also couldn't get either a motor or heater symbol to connect at the end of these wires. It is possible those symbols were created by my coworker since I imported some stuff from him when I started this project, so they may not be prebuilt either.


Any clues?