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How to track down in-context relations in the top level

Question asked by Joe Dunfee on Feb 18, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2009 by Joe Dunfee
As I continue to try to clean up a top level assembly, I find that there are several in-context relations that prevent several of us from working on the project together. I.e. one guy has the top level open, but another guy, who wants to work on a sub-assembly cannot because the 1st guy has inadvertently locked all those files of the sub assembly by simply opening the top level assembly.

I know how to see if an individual part has any in-context relations by the -> at the end. But, rather than hunt down and edit each individual part to delete the relations, I would prefer to just edit the ones that are created at the top level.

But, I can't figure out a way to find just those in-context relations at the top level.

Any suggestions?

Joe Dunfee