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Dragging part to new assembly issue

Question asked by Joe Dunfee on Feb 18, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2009 by Manny Rocha
I have a large assembly that I am trying to organize better. Some of the parts in the root of the assembly should really be in one of the existing sub assemblies. No problem here, because I can just drag it into the sub assembly.

However, I also have a few parts in a sub assembly that really should be at the top level because of the way I want the model to move. The problem is that if I attempt to drag it to another spot, it will always go into the other sub assembly. I tried dragging to the very top of the tree, but my icon shows that I can't do that.

The online help says that SW distinguishes between dragging a part into, verses after an existing sub assembly, by if the 2nd sub assembly is expanded or not. However, regardless of if the 2nd sub assembly is expanded or not, the part always goes into that sub assembly.

Is something wrong with the current release of SW in this function?

Joe Dunfee