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Faces of weldment profil

Question asked by Etienne Canuel on May 10, 2018
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I would like to create a Macro to list all cutting on a structural member.

I tried lot of solution but the most problem is with repetition. All reference to features that modify the first member is lost.

I would like to find all faces that was created by the base feature "Weldment feature".

Therfore i have two solutions. Whether find the axe of the member, which can i define all faces parallel or perpendicular to the axe.

Or find how Solidworks locate this data with persistent ID. I noticed that the length of persistent ID is correlated with the type of member face.

ex : Each end of the member as the same length, each external face to.

I imagine that Solidworks store data about to calculate the length of the member that can i collect in cut list.

If someone as idee that help me.