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Propeller blade model minimum curvature too small for CNC machining

Question asked by Jonathan Luna on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Paul Salvador

Hi, I'm trying to get this propeller off to get CNC cut, but the company said that the smallest radius of curvature they can manufacture is 0.8mm. The smallest radius of curvature on the model is around 0.00006mm at the tip section of the propeller blade and I've been trying various things to get it to 0.8. The propeller was made through a propeller generation tool.


Things I've tried:

1) using the surface thicken tool, I tried setting it to 0.8mm, after copying the surface, but it keeps saying invalid geometry.

2) Filleting/chamfering the edge would work too, but the edge isn't defined to fillet/chamfer.

3) thickening the blade in the propeller generation tool was not possible.

4) I tried to extend the flat surfaces at the tip and create some solid material between them and effectively flatten the tip/ make the edges flat, but the geometry is failing for me as well.


Any help is greatly appreciated, as these models and timelines are behind schedule!

The blade is attached