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Solidworks after Upgrade to 2018 (SP02) Explorer/Renaming from Windows slow

Question asked by Jim Moses on May 9, 2018

Hi all,


I up util recently been using SW2016 (SP05) with no issues, I also had SW2017 (SP04.1) installed but did not use much due to customer requirements. I use to be able to right click in Windows Explore and rename a SW file via Solidworks Explorer, which might take a few seconds, maybe a little longer if there were a lot of folders under that location, but never more than a minute or so.


Well Yesterday, I upgraded to SP02 2018, due to a customer requirement, and now takes 5 minutes+ before I can rename a file, the window locks up and becomes non-responsive during most of the wait time along with the blue circle going. 


So what is the magical setting I need to do to either change it to use the earlier SW Explorer or will that not work?


Or what is the fix to make it like normal or what I have come to expect from all the previous versions that had this integration with Windows?