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Hiding drawing sheets for suppressed parts / different configurations.

Question asked by Ward Davis on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by David Matula

The background: We have a typical model and drawing template for a product that has about 4 components that are optional, in the template all the optional components are turned on and detailed. Those components generally have their own detail sheet in the drawing. Under the normal workflow we know what optional components will be used, so we set the model configuration and delete the pages that don't apply and then go to work making all the project specific changes. Sometimes we have a change on the optional components late in the process. In this case it is faster to redraft the deleted sheets instead of re-applying all the project specific changes to the template.


The problem: I'm looking for a way to suppress drawing sheets as we change configurations.


We've considered moving the variable sheets to the end of the package when they are not in use and just remember not to print them. Problem is they will be printed accidently occasionally occasionally. We are also adding components the the template that are not simple additions but either or options, having two sheets detailing both options in the template but only using one would be useful.