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Question asked by Richard Zhang on May 8, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by David Matula

I am evaluating SolidWorks in order to decide move Inventor to SolidWorks.


I made a very simply assembly which include "Manifold 1" and Library part "RPGC_LCN.ipt" which is made in Inventor (that's very cool!).

I have following request and issues need someone help me.


1.     Now, for some reason, our company want to put the material of "Manifold 1" on title block (I know this does not make sense, but we do want do so). Question is:               How can I link the information from "Manifold 1" to the assembly in order I could put it into title block? I have lot of parameter need to do so, for example Customer, Title, REF, Project Number and so on (the circled in attached picture "Capture 1.PNG"

     In inventor, I could use iLogic to get all information from the 1st part in assembly and put into assembly then I do not have headache. But how can I do same thing in SolidWorks?


2. See attached drawing, the BOM width does not match Title Block. I know I can adjust it, but I want change the Style globally in order I do not need adjust every time.


3. Still in BOM, Item 2 is the Inventor part, the Part Number is the file number not part number. I do not want change every time because it is a library part. Do not tell me I need move all library components to SolidWorks Format.


4. When the view in "Shade with Edges" model, my library component is shown correct, but if I change to "Hidden Line Removed" model, most of line are removed even it is visible line.


Any solution or suggestions?