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    Automatic change unit in Title Block

    Richard Zhang

      We have been used AutoDesk Inventor more than 15 years, but management want move to SolidWorks for money issue.

      When I just touch SolidWorks, I have lot of headache. Below is one of them.

      I know lot of people asked same question, but it looks like SolidWorks still not give a solution for it.

      I made a part in whatever unit, but I need make drawing in both unit system for European and north american customer.

      I think SolidWorks  should provide user a parameter in order to get the unit (Weight and length unit) name and put it in title block.

      The parameter should be as "UnitOfWeight" and "UnitOfLength" in Drawing.

      It is a piece of cake for the software provider which could take away lot of headache of user, but I do not know why SolidWorks do not focue on user requirement.

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          Rubén Rodolfo Balderrama

          Why you don't manage templates for each unit system that's you are specifying here?

          If this is the case, when using the inch system, you should have the views in the third quadrant and for the metric system views in the first quadrant.

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            Kevin Chandler



            As a possible workaround, you can accomplish both units on one drawing sheet.

            1. In your part template, create a global variable that converts the mass:
            2. Assign this gv to a new custom property of a similar (but different) gv name:
            3. In your drawing template, create two new layers:
            4. In your drawing template, create two new notes, each linked to its respective mass property.
            5. Move the appropriate note to its appropriate layer:
            6. Change your document units to the required system (be sure to adjust your decimal places too):
            7. In the layers dialog, toggle the visibility and print so the correct mass units display and the incorrect one does not.
            8. Review your drawing to be sure the transition went correctly.
            9. If you have problematic entities that don't transition correctly, create a duplicate of each for each set of units and move them to the lbs or gram layer so they'll only display when their units are active.
            10. Some of this may be able to be performed using a macro, but that is up to someone else more qualified than myself.


            I hope this helps.