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New Free Tool – nSprings – Extension Spring Design

Discussion created by Christian Chu on May 7, 2018
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Here is the link to download the tool

I believe all of you here know how to calculate/design an extension spring.  However, with many unknown variables/options, manually designing a spring with pen and paper is sometimes time consuming. That’s not all, using the resulted calculations to model a spring in SW is another painstaking unless you have a good spring template.


To combine two in one, this tool can be used to speed up a process of designing a spring from initial selected inputs to a final 3D extension spring in SW

Here is a quick instruction (from ReadMe text file which is included in the download package)

There are 3 files in the download package

  • Cvc Extension Spring Template.prtdot (Part only, drawing template is not included)
  • Cvc_Tools_E-01.exe
  • Readme.txt


  1. Shut down Solidworks (SW)
  2. Save template, CvC Extension Spring Part Template.prtdot, to your SW template folder.
  3. Run Cvc_Tools_E-01.exe to install the tool to your computer.  If you already installed old version of Cvc_Tools, it’ll be replaced with this new version.  The installation steps will be short and simple with few clicks and you’re done.
  4. Run the SW and enjoy the tool


Note: You can add more features to the template but It’s best NOT to modify any existing feature in it.  You might get error message since the program can’t find equations/variables from the template or the template can’t be updated to your final design


How to link the spring parameters from 3D model to 2D drawing

  1. In your drawing template, create a general table, say 3 rows x 7 column
  2. Link the CusProp from your spring 3D model (see the last row in the att. image

Open the drawing template and insert the spring. The table will be filled up - see sample image




Download/try it and let me know what you think


Final note: I am a ME who also believes i = i+1. Keep in mind that I’m not a hardcore programmer so please don’t expect perfection from this Add-in. That’s said, I’d appreciate if you email or message me for any comments or suggestions.  Positive or Negative comments are welcome.  I don’t mind to hear this tool totally sucks. This way, you’ll encourage me to develop more tools in the future.