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    Missing part SW PDM

    Antonio Cavka

      Hi all

      i got a problem with a part that i can not open from my pc.

      if i open a  ass with that part SW says " SW encountered a serious problem in the file"

      if that file is open then it works fine and by my colleagues is all ok they don't get that message,has someone that experience? i already restart my pc and delete local cache and "check out" that part and ass and sawed it and "check in" but it did not work.

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          Aleksander Ksiezopolski



          Have your colleagues tried to open last version of assembly and part (I mean the version which you resaved and rechecked)? I hope that the file could be corrupted. The second thing - please open SW RX and try to lunch SW while bypassing the Tools/Options settings.




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            Martin Solem

            This may sound crazy, but try to copy a colleagues settings (where the assy works) using Copy Settings Wizard. It has helped a similar case before.

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                Antonio Cavka

                ty for help but it did not work

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                    Sam Sam

                    If cleaning of all folders of Temp (or use of Solidworks Rx) gives nothing, then there are other questions:

                    1. Before opening of the file there are some open assemblies or drawings?

                    2. If to copy the file somewhere - the copy will open or not?

                    3. Whether there is somewhere in vaults or on the computer a file with the same name?


                    The similar problem met when in assembly there are files with an identical name, but with different links (in PDM or out of PDM).


                    PDM not always correctly shows links. With guarantee it is possible to check links in SolidWorks/File/Open/Reference.


                    If it does not help - it is possible to reboot the server (there were cases when helped).

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                        Antonio Cavka

                        I tried my best..

                        i created new ass with that part from PDM with 3 different parts only to test it and that part makes again problems.

                        no another part, ass or drawing was open.

                        now i copied that part with new CAD numer and its working fine with the new part...

                        i tried to relocate the part or set new references but i did not have any luck.

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                            Sam Sam

                            I apologize, perhaps because of translation problems I have passed something therefore I want to specify:

                            1. A problem only in PDM? If to copy assembly somewhere out of PDM - problems are?

                            2. Assembly opens? Or doesn't open?


                            If assembly can be opened in Solidworks, it is possible to try to make in a tree of designing a problem detail virtual, and then to replace her with another (if such is).


                            Still I can advise to compare setting up external references in Solidworks to other computers.


                            Also, if assembly opens - it is possible in line over a tree of designing to enter a name of a detail (filter) and to check whether there are no hidden files or references to interfaces which need to be removed.


                            It is also possible in PDM Administration and also in Solidworks to look at what settings of Warnings at the user, it is possible to try something to include / disconnect - it perhaps something will help.

                            Still it is possible to try to enter Vault under other user (better under Admin) and to check existence of problems (though it is improbable).