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Changing EPDM Default Programs

Question asked by Whit Smith on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 14, 2018 by Sam Sam

Is there a way to change the default program for Solidworks files in EPDM?


Long story short I installed a viewer program (3D-Tool), used it for 5 minutes then deleted it.  When I initially installed it all of my solidworks files changed to use 3D-Tool as the default program to open them.  So I went through and chose to open the files with a default program (Solidworks Launcher) thinking that would fix my problem.  It did as long as the files are on my hard drive.  Under "File Type" on windows explorer it shows up as it should for Solidworks Assembly, Part, etc.  If I view the files in my EPDM folder it shows up as 3D-Tool-File (Solidworks) under the "File Type" column.  Why is my EPDM explorer showing something different than my windows explorer on my hard drive?


Below is my windows explorer view of files on my hard drive.


Below is my windows explorer view of my files in EPDM.