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    Virtual Prototyping using SW

    Sachin Murigesh


      We're looking for means to simulate movement of parts(motor stages, pick up tool , actuators, etc ) in SW assembly. At this point we are not looking into detailed motion analysis (mass, friction effects and mechanical dynamics), only basic motion animation to help the Software engineer providing remote support to have realistic visualization of machine movement.

      One option is to use SW  animation/motion study to do the animation, it will be tedious with limited options and actions are not smooth- user has to keep entering position and status of each component for desired positions and conditions.


      It would be great and user friendly if we can find a way to tie the position value/actuator triggering  to the user forms through APIs. [e.g. If the user enter X, Y,Z position the motor stage will move to that position. If the user press button on user form the actuator state will change accordingly]


      The closest I found online is "NI SoftMotion for SolidWorks". It has more functionality than we need and costs $$. It need Labview, NI softMotion license and Motion Simulation licenses.

      Has anyone tried to do 'virtual simulation' through in-house developed macros/add-ins? Or has been using any other third party application for simulations? pls share. thanks

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          Jacob Corder

          i can tell you that an in-house solution is going to probably cost more than the licenses to NI soft motion. 


          the cost to develop this i would leave to those who do this for a living for other companies.


          Keith Rice at CADSharp could handle this project for you. 


          who knows, maybe someone has done it already and will help out but it is probably a large implementation.