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Show measurements in part file permanently

Question asked by Timon Schulz on May 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 20, 2018 by Timon Schulz

Hello everybody,


I am going to have a meeting with my supervisor soon, and we want to talk about a part I created. It would be really nice to include some measurements, which are key, into the part file, so one can see right away which distance it is from a point a) to a point b) or what the wall thickness is (just examples). I am fairly new to

Solidworks, but have used Solidedge before. Solidedge had an option for this purpose, so I'd be truly surprised if Solidworks would lack one. I do know about the measurement tool, however I cannot find a way to keep showing the measurements once the tool is closed again, nor can I make more than one measurement at a time. If I use the smart dimensions command, and select 'reference dimensions' it does give me kind of what I want. However, those disappear if I rebuilt the part, reopen it, or even just move the mouse wheel. A dream would be a measurement that even adjusts when my part undergoes any changes.


I also have a problem of snapping to certain points with the measurement tool. While Solidedge was 'smart enough' to pic points which resembled certain mathematical key features, like the head of an ellipsis/oval (like in the picture below), I had to do a 3D sketch and add those points manually. This is tiering! Is there any way to get more snapping points?


Thank you for your help


measurement tool 2.PNG